Gardens & Grounds - Photo Gallery

   Best Wedding Venue New Jersey Wedding Venue Essex County Top Venue for Weddings NJ Beautiful Wedding Venue NJ Best Essex County Wedding Location New Jersey Weddings Beautiful Wedding Venue Essex County Essex County Best Wedding Top New Jersey Wedding Location                  Best Wedding Venue NJ Top Wedding Location Essex County     Our gardens are filled with gorgeous natural blooms in impressive quantities and vibrant colors. On your special day, be sure to steal a moment for yourselves under the shade of one our old growth trees, and just enjoy the moment. The quiet beauty of our outdoor wedding venue awaits. Follow the path to our striking gloriette and wedding memories that will last a lifetime.

Beautiful Weddings for Every Season

Our 20 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds, Italianate fountains, and sprawling architecture offer endless photo opportunities to capture wedding memories that will last a lifetime. Whether celebrating a spring wedding when our tulips are in full bloom, lining practically every pathway, or a fall wedding when the trees turn to brilliant shades of auburn and crimson, any season at The Manor provides compelling views and unique wedding photo opportunities.

From the lush abundance of flowers in summer to the romantic look the grounds take on when beset by a light carpet of snow in winter, the beauty of a wedding with The Manor as its backdrop is always in season.

Outdoor Garden Wedding Venue:  Tended with Care to Grow Lasting Memories

The Manor's lush green lawns, magnificent shrubbery, climbing vines, dogwood and fruit trees, colorful annuals, and stately perennial flowers receive meticulous care from The Manor's on-staff team of gardeners.  In fact, the landscaped grounds of The Manor have been featured by photographers and writers throughout the world.

Only a garden as carefully tended as that of The Manor, with its many points of interest, could hold as one of its many focal points the beautiful marble table and benches set at its center. The early 18th-century sculptor who executed this work of art certainly could not have foreseen that it would take eight men to carry just the top of the table into The Manor's garden or that an in-ground platform would have to be built to support its weight.

Beautiful brick walkways lead a path to the most photographed gloriette and set of trellis arches in the area.  Anyone who has ever attended a wedding in this setting is not likely to forget the uniqueness of the day.