Environmentally Friendly

eco friendly restaurant nj

For most, being environmentally friendly simply means using energy efficient lightbulbs, purchasing produce from local farms that don’t use pesticides and recycling their aluminum cans and glass bottles.

The Manor takes all of this in not just one, but many steps further in a variety of ways…

Pleasantdale Farm

Pleasantdale Farm, located on the grounds of Pleasantdale Chateau, another venue owned by the Knowles family, and just a mile down the road, produces thousands of pounds of produce each year – all of which is pesticide-free and used in the kitchens of our restaurants. Learn more »

Visit the farm's Facebook page and "like" us to see all the work that goes into running our farm.

Microbiotic Composting

Though we like to think our guests lick the plates clean every time, there are occasionally unfinished portions that make it back to the kitchen. For instance, the squab bones, dover sole skeletons and the T-bones in our steaks need to be discarded somehow. Learn more »

eco friendly restaurant nj

Its splendor is solid and genuine…The Manor clearly excels…Expect a tradition of excellence whether it’s a business luncheon for 2 or 25 or a corporate event for 225.

— Restaurant Hospitality magazine
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