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Best of Wedding Music

Wednesday, June 20th, 2018 | Filed under: reception planning, Wedding Entertainment, wedding music, Wedding Trends | author: By James Levinsky,    

Best of Wedding MusicAfter you make your commitment to that special someone, planning a wedding is the next string of decisions you will make together as a couple. Picking the right music to set the right tone for your wedding is important. From your walk down the aisle, dinner hour music, song dedications, to revving up the dance floor, we’ve complied our Best of Wedding Music blog from our most popular blogs to date, to make sure that years from now, talk of your wedding day will be sweet music to your ears.
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Wedding Trends: Musical Entertainment Styles

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017 | Filed under: Wedding band, Wedding Entertainment, wedding music, wedding planning | author: By Keith Sly,    

Wedding Music EntertainmentWhen it comes to selecting music for a wedding, couples have endless options. The style of musical entertainment chosen creates a unique experience and sets the tone from dinner hour, bridal party introduction, to the last song of the evening. A good starting point is reflecting on previous weddings you have attended and the wedding entertainment that was provided. It is important to be mindful of your guest list, wedding theme and personal preferences when browsing through wedding entertainment ideas. While the bride and groom may unite as one, their tastes in music may still clash. Rest assure, the wedding planners at The Manor have compiled suggestions of musical entertainment styles for your upcoming wedding that are sure to be music to your ears. Read more…

Tips For Planning The Perfect Christmas Wedding

Thursday, December 15th, 2016 | Filed under: Christmas, Holiday Party, Wedding Invitations, wedding music, winter weddings | author: By Keith Sly,    

Christmas WeddingIt’s the most magical time of the year, Christmas! For those planning to wed around the holiday, this time of year will be even more exciting! But how can couples beautifully marry these two celebrations into one unforgettable wedding?

The Manor has gathered exclusive expert tips from choosing the perfect themed invitations to decorating your winter wonderland; all to encapsulate a warm, festive and memorable wedding of the season. Let us bring the enchantment of romance and Christmas spirit into your merry matrimony.
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Wedding Entertainment Trends for 2016

Monday, November 2nd, 2015 | Filed under: First Dance Song, Wedding Cocktail Party, Wedding Entertainment, wedding music, wedding planning, Wedding Trends, Wedding Trends 2016 | author: By Keith Sly,    

Wedding Entertainment
From live musicians performing at the wedding ceremony, setting a tone of formality and celebrating the heart of the wedding day itself, to a spectacular-talented live band or deejay filling the dance floor at the reception, your wedding entertainment is an essential part of your wedding planning, so we’ve collected some of the top trends in wedding entertainment for 2016: Read more…

Most Popular Wedding Songs for the Mother-Son Dance

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014 | Filed under: Mother-Son Wedding Dance, wedding music, wedding songs | author: By Keith Sly,    

During the spotlight dances in the wedding ballroom, the Mother-Son dance is a special moment, as their choice of perfect Mother-Son dance song plays.

Here are some of the most popular Mother-Son Dance Songs 2014 from many of the best-songs lists and top NJ entertainers’ playlists: Read more…

Should I Choose a DJ or a Band for My Wedding Reception?

Friday, August 16th, 2013 | Filed under: dream wedding, wedding music, wedding planning | author: By Keith Sly,    

DJ V Band as a Wedding Performer

As a New Jersey wedding venue that’s hosted countless wedding receptions, we’ve heard the full spectrum of performers, from the smallest wedding DJ to some of the most talented wedding singers, wedding bands and orchestras. We’ve seen first-hand that even similar weddings in size, location, theme, décor, etc. can have an entirely different feel and energy depending on the type of wedding entertainment.  It’s an integral part of setting the mood, whether it’s serene and refined or upbeat and a footloose free-for-all.  The wedding music helps your guests to let go and enjoy the celebration; whether that’s due to the music itself, or the encouragement of the DJ or band leader acting as the MC.

Choosing between a wedding DJ or a live wedding band is often first a matter of budget.  In general, DJs typically cost less. Of course this doesn’t mean that wedding DJs are any less skilled at what they do. But a live wedding band has more people to pay, more equipment, and of course there’s the added consideration for the talent of incorporating instruments and vocals. Costs will typically increase on the size, experience, and breadth of the skill set of the band as well as the time of year and how long you want them to perform. Read more…

Choosing Between a Band or Deejay for your Wedding Entertainment

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013 | Filed under: dream wedding, wedding ceremony, wedding ideas, wedding music, wedding themes | author: By Keith Sly,    
Wedding band

Wedding entertainment

Music is such an important part of your wedding day, from the first notes of your processional song to the song you choose for your First Dance to the music that keeps your dance floor filled all night long. The big question for you is: do you want a live band or a deejay as the entertainment at your wedding?

It all depends on the style of entertainment you prefer, which many of our wedding couples say they decide during other weddings they’ve attended. If they have been guests at a wedding that had an energetic, talented live band, they may decide that a live band is the style of entertainment for them. If they’ve experienced the hip, clublike energy of a great deejay, they may choose that style of entertainer to fill their wedding venue with fabulous music that sets the tone for each stage of their wedding celebration. Read more…

Wedding First Dance: Taking Dance Lessons

Monday, April 30th, 2012 | Filed under: Bright Ideas for your wedding, reception planning, wedding ideas, wedding music, wedding planning, wedding receptions | author: By Keith Sly,    
First Dance

First Dance

Your first dance will be one of the most romantic and memorable moments of your wedding reception. To ensure that you both look natural, comfortable and impressive during your spin on the dance floor, it’s a smart idea to take dance lessons.

A great many of our New Jersey brides and grooms are so inspired by television shows like Dancing With The Stars and fun first dance wedding videos on YouTube that they’re hiring first dance choreographers to help them create their first dance. Why hire a dance pro? An expert dance instructor – we have many near our Northern New Jersey location — can assess your and your groom’s natural dancing ability and comfort level, and choose steps, spins and dips that suit your skills. And you get to say if you’re not confident in a move, which will lead your choreographer to make an adjustment. You can’t get that type of customization from a DVD or online dance video. You’ll often attend three to four dance lessons at a dance studio, either privately or in a group wedding dance class, in order to perfect your wedding’s first dance with grace and style.

A rising wedding first dance trend is foregoing the swaying slow dance in favor of a more exciting dance such as the rumba or the tango, the cha cha cha or a faster dance with club choreography. Wedding guests cheer when your music begins and you wow the crowd with your moves, and your beaming smile as you perform them. It’s far better than just swaying back and forth to a slow song, ‘like at the 7th grade dance,’ say many of our happy wedding couples.

Other First Dances

 One wedding trend we like very much is when brides and their fathers, and grooms and their mothers, take a dance lesson or two to choreograph the Father-Daughter dance and the Mother-Son dance. This way, when “Fly Me to the Moon” begins, you and your father can ‘show everyone how it’s done,’ says one of our recent wedding couples.

Avoid that ‘we didn’t prepare for this’ awkwardness that occurs when a groom and his mom chose a song to dance to, but never gave any thought to how they would dance to it. With a choreographed first dance, everyone feels more confident and comfortable, which makes the dance more fun to perform, and to watch….especially again and again, as captured on the wedding video.

Michael Mahle, Director of Communications, Pleasantdale Chateau

Top First Dance Songs for the Bride and Groom

Saturday, November 12th, 2011 | Filed under: Bright Ideas for your wedding, wedding music, wedding planning | author: By Keith Sly,    

When the bride and groom step onto the dance floor for their first dance, the song they choose to dance to is more than just a pretty tune. It’s ‘Their Song,’ a deeply-meaningful first dance song that reflects their relationship, their joy, their new life together. First dance songs are now being chosen from a list of songs that have played a big part in the bride and groom’s love story, perhaps the first song they ever slow-danced to.

Wedding deejays and wedding bands in our North Jersey region say there is a trend toward perennial favorite first dance songs, and that many wedding couples say they’re choosing their first dance song together as a team. They’re also reporting that the couple is now choosing two special songs for their wedding reception’s spotlight dance moments: one for the First Dance and another for the bride and groom’s last spotlight wedding dance of the reception.

Here are the top First Dance Songs that you may wish to consider for your own big moment:

Amazed                                                Lonestar

At Last                                                 Etta James

Beautiful In My Eyes                             Joshua Kadison

Because You Loved Me                       Celine Dion

Breathe                                                Faith Hill

Can You Feel the Love Tonight            Elton John

Can’t Help Falling In Love                    Elvis Presley

Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You           Frankie Valli

Come Away With Me                          Norah Jones

Embraceable You                                 Nat King Cole

Everything I Do (I Do It For You)         Bryan Adams

Faithfully                                               Journey

Fly Me To The Moon                           Frank Sinatra

From This Moment                               Shania Twain

Groovy Kind of Love                           Phil Collins

Have I Told You Lately                        Rod Stewart

Here And Now                                    Luther Vandross

I Can’t Help Falling In Love                  Elvis Presley

I Could Not Ask For More                  Sara Evans

I Cross My Heart                                 George Strait

I Only Have Eyes For You                   Flamingos

I Swear                                                John Michael Montgomery

I’ll Be There                                         Michael Jackson

It Had To Be You                                Harry Connick Jr

It’s Your Love                                      Faith Hill/Tim McGraw

Just The Way You Are             Billy Joel

Someone Like You                               Van Morrison

The Best Is Yet To Come                     Frank Sinatra

The Way You Look Tonight                 Frank Sinatra

To Make You Feel My Love                Garth Brooks

True Companion                                   Marc Cohn

Unforgettable                                        Nat King Cole

Wedding Song (There is Love) Petula Clark

What A Wonderful World                    Louis Armstrong

When A Man Loves A Woman            Percy Sledge

When I Fall In Love                              Celine Dion

When I Said I Do                                 Clint Black

Wonderful Tonight                                Eric Clapton

Some songs are contemporary, some are classic, some country, but all – and so many more — are open to your consideration as the soundtrack for your lovely first dance as husband and wife.


Michael Mahle, Director of Communications, Pleasantdale Château

Wedding Song Dedications

Monday, August 29th, 2011 | Filed under: wedding music, wedding planning, wedding songs | author: By Keith Sly,    

In today’s world of personalized weddings, brides and grooms have arranged for their wedding entertainment to include specific songs from their much-loved playlists. Now, our New Jersey brides and grooms are following the top wedding entertainment trends and planning multiple song dedications for their receptions.

Here are some of the most sentimental and crowd-pleasing song dedication trends that you might wish to incorporate into your big day:

At the Start of the Reception

  • After the first spotlight dances of your reception — including your first dance as husband and wife, your bride-and-father dance, the groom-and-mother dance, if you choose to include these – many wedding entertainment experts invite all of the couples onto the dance floor to enjoy this first spotlight dance, then remain on the dance floor for additional slow dance songs to follow it.
  • If you’d prefer, you can instruct your wedding entertainment professional to read your song dedication made to your and your groom’s parents, inviting them to their own spotlight dance, as your thank-you for their help in planning your wedding. You choose a meaningful song for this dedication, and both or all sets of parents are invited to share it the moment, regardless of which parents paid more for the wedding. It’s fine etiquette and good family diplomacy to acknowledge all parents as equals.
  • End your song dedications here, so that guests can take their seats to enjoy the first course of their dinner, and so that your song dedications don’t become an endless string of songs where all guests stand and watch someone else having all the fun. Spread out your song dedications over the course of the evening.

At the Start of the Fast-Dance Wedding Entertainment

  • When the wedding entertainers, deejay or band, are ready to transition from slow-dance dinner music to dance music for the reception’s higher-energy portion, a great way to start the  action is to have the first fast-song announced as a dedication from the groom to the bride, or vice versa. It may be one of your favorite songs of all time, or the song you always play when getting ready for a big night out.
  • Dedicate fast-dance songs to others, including:
    • Your bridal party members
    • Your friends, in an all-inclusive song dedication announcement, not a naming-of-names in a small circle, making others feel left out or diminished
    • Your cousins, also a strong trend that we’re seeing here at family-centric New Jersey weddings
    • To your kids, if you’re blending families or have children as a couple

At the Big, Symbolic Moments

When the cake is wheeled out in the dramatic presentation for the bride and groom to cut their first slice as husband and wife, you may choose this moment as the perfect moment for a song you’ll dedicate to your guests, as a very special thank-you for the ‘sweet’ gift of their traveling to share this day with you.

When you present your bouquet to your mother, grandmother or other special female, or toss your bouquet to your awaiting single female guests, choose a special song dedication that pay tribute to all of your women friends and relatives.

When you have your wedding entertainers play special cultural songs, the inclusion of those important rituals becomes a tribute that adds so much to your wedding celebration. At our West Orange wedding venue, we’ve hosted a large variety of cultural wedding celebrations from Indian to Italian, Japanese to Jewish, Polish, Colombian, Irish, and all manner of heritage-based weddings. Wedding entertainment for these festive weddings often includes special song dedications.

At the End of the Reception

Your wedding entertainment comes to a close with the last dance of the evening, and as bride and groom you may choose to propose a song dedication for this last number. This may be another of ‘your songs’ or a song that’s special to your family. At this point, you might take the microphone to propose your song dedication directly to each other, to your families and friends, and we’ve even enjoyed the surprise of our brides and grooms thanking us for bringing their wedding dreams to life. That’s music to our ears.


Michael Mahle, Director of Communications, Pleasantdale Château

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