A Space Reimagined and Transformed

One of the key elements of The Manor’s renovations was the transformation and expansion of its preexisting rooftop banquet spaces. Formally known as the “Minuet Room”, this space consisted of a smaller-scale enclosed party room and the use of a portion of the upper level public space for cocktail hours and pre-function purposes.


Recognizing the importance of offering an entirely private and separate reception space apart from our other event rooms for wedding couples, corporate events and social gatherings, the Knowles family, owners of The Manor, established plans to completely gut, enlarge, and modernize our second floor. With designs for a new restroom, bridal suite, service areas, pre-function space, and banquet room, The Manor set in play the creation an entirely self-sufficient and self-contained party space. Our brides would now have a complete, thoroughly- and thoughtfully-designed exclusive rooftop space for their receptions.

To create this reimaged space, significant structural work first had to be accomplished. Included among these substantial efforts was the retrofitting of the sub-floor with structural steel supports below the room-to-be. This required a great deal of planning and ingenuitive engineering. Beams were carefully integrated into the ceilings of the existing level below, taking care not to damage the valuable pre-existing décor and internal structures of the historic building. Much care and effort went into ensuring strong and stable framework for new construction above.

Once the structural elements were successfully in place, the pouring of thousands of pounds of concrete for a sub-floor could proceed, as well as the reworking of the layout that would ultimately define the new Garden Room. The existing Minuet Room roof was also raised to create a more lofty pre-event space. Additionally, an underutilized portion of The Manor’s rooftop patio was used on which to expand the upper-level footprint for a new party room--The Garden Room.

The first of two adjoining rooms in this space was designed to create a more social and interactive environment for guests. With a dedicated lobby, soft lounge-type seating and an immaculate bar area, this pre-function space was created with our guests’ needs in mind. Easy access to restrooms and an elevator were also incorporated, and designed with ADA-compliant handicapped accessible accommodations. The renovation team also created a connected bridal suite to offer immediate proximity to a bride’s reception and her seamless introduction to her party.

The main banquet room was also the focus of a great deal of conceptual planning. Wanting to take full advantage of its sunlit rooftop exposure, vantage-point overlooking The Manor’s grand waterfall, and views of Eagle Rock Reservation beyond, the Knowles family planned for a light, open and more pastoral-feeling space. Lined on two sides with glass-paneled doors that open to a wrap-around outdoor patio, the room is bathed with light in the daytime and shows off the glow of The Manor’s accent lighting on its grounds in the evenings. With homages reminiscent of an English conservatory, The Garden Room brings a fresh and unique option for guests looking for a distinctive event space; one that is more inviting and a refreshing change from other more typical cookie-cutter "banquet halls". This aesthetic is fluidly integrated with modern amenities including a large-scale video display screen and customizable LED lighting in the ceiling coves.

The design and build process for The Garden Room paid considerable respect to blending the classical and traditional aesthetics of an English manor with more contemporary and hand-crafted elements as part of the mission to enrich and evolve The Manor’s warmth and timeless charm. Great pains were taken to utilize authentic materials for its construction to ground the environment in a greater sense of place and character. The Manor has always set itself apart from other event venues by creating environments that are less sterile, shying away from over-the-top gaudiness, and offering visitors a more refined, well-rooted atmosphere. While more costly and challenging to implement, the Knowles family was intent on ensuring that every detail added to the genuine feel of the space and had a relatable reference to the sophisticated elegance of a palatial manor house. Every stain, color palate, patina, and plank of wood were specially selected to meet The Manor’s mandate to provide unique environments for our guests that feel grand, yet at the same time, comfortable and inviting. We hope you’ll visit us to experience our new Garden Room and judge for yourself if we’ve achieved our goal.  


The fresh, lively space has been well received by our visitors. Our all-new Garden Room is now open for booking and has already begun hosting wedding receptions, social banquets, corporate events, and other private parties. We've just recently opened our books to accept events, so dates are still avaiable now, for the holiday season, and into next spring and summer. If interested, please contact us soon to ensure we can accomodate your preferred date. The Garden Room ballroom, part of this unique two-room event space, can accommodate up to 80 guests. For more information about this space, to schedule a tour, or to inquire about pricing, please contact our event specialists at 973.325.2060 or email us via our online form.

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The Manor's Garden Room

A Brief Overview of Our Renovations
Recently, The Manor has embarked on a new era of growth and change, undertaking an extensive multi-year, multi-phase revitalization project. Continuing to build upon our success, this multi-million dollar endeavor has included an array of upgrades, renovations, and changes to the physical structure of the building. As many of our guests have already experienced, the early phases of this ambitious initiative included a completely new foyer and lobby, enlarging and redesigning the aesthetics and physical structure of these spaces, making them more airy, open and welcoming. 

Making a Grand Entrance
One of the ambitious redesign goals of The Manor’s renovation project was to create an entirely new, more welcoming, airy, and grand first impression for guests walking through our doors. Part of that plan included significantly opening up our lobby. An by opening up, that meant going up—removing a large part of the floor of the second story above the lobby to create a two-story view. Doing so required the removal of not just one ceiling, but two. Read More >>

Selecting and Installing our Chandelier
To fill the lofty area created by the opening up of the lobby to two full floors, the Knowles family and The Manor's renovation team looked for a focal piece worthy of the grand scale of the room. They concentrated their attention on finding a central design element that would be large enough in size to match the scale of the space, but light and airy enough to complement the fresh, lively new aesthetic of the lobby.  Read More >>

Uncovering and Restoring a Hidden Gem
The Manor’s renovation crew uncovered the original arched windows, still in tact and in place inside the walls. Inspired by this discovery of The Manor’s past, the Knowles family, known for their appreciation of history and tradition, along with their architects and design team, worked to find a way to incorporate these relics into the new aesthetic. Read More >>

The Creation of an All-New Ladies' Lounge
Not to leave any aspect of our guests’ experience unattended to, the Knowles family incorporated plans for an entirely new ladies lounge. Built on the first floor in the heart of our historic building, the new accommodations now offer a more centralized and easily accessible location.  Read More >>

The Creation of an All-New Men's Lounge
Just below The Manor’s lobby on the lower level, is our newly-constructed men’s lounge. With rigid, rich wood elements, substantive leather seating, two high-definition television screens, and an array of other more masculine elements, this Manor man cave is another unique room newly-built from the ground-up for our guests’ enjoyment.  Read More >>

Installation of a New Elevator
In order to provide a more convenient and centralized means for our guests to travel from floor to floor in The Manor’s sprawling mansion, the Knowles family incorporated into the renovation project, plans to create a new elevator system. Making this possible would be no small feat and come at no small cost. Building a modern service with very technical requirements around the bones of a historic building proved to be a major engineering challenge.  Read More >>

Showcasing The Manor's Storied Past
Now hanging in The Manor, along the reconfigured walls of the former Carolina Room, is a gallery of images that reflects upon the long and storied history of our restaurant and event venue. Set on richly-adorned, earth-toned damask-patterned walls, the photos, now framed and engraved, mark special moments in time. The images are but a small sampling of the events across the years that we’ve hosted and the people with whom we’ve enjoyed them. Read More >>

A More Welcoming Vestibule
In their renovation planning, the Knowles family’s mission was to not only refresh, brighten and revitalize the look and feel of The Manor, but to also find ways of further improving the appeal of the public spaces to make them more welcoming and comfortable for our guests. Some of these improvements have been realized even with the first step through our doors.  Read More >>

Enhancing The Manor's Grand Facade
Along with extensive renovations to The Manor’s many interior spaces, so too came updates and upgrades to the building’s exterior. The multi-million dollar project included plans to extend the eastern portion of the second floor façade to add more symmetry to the front of the building, without growing the overall footprint of The Manor or impacting the beauty and size of surrounding grounds.  

The New Garden Room Bridal Suite
As part of The Manor’s newly constructed rooftop ballroom, we’ve designed a special space just for the bride. Our Garden Room Bridal Suite offers a cozy private sanctuary to escape and prepare for the events of the day. With a private restroom, easy elevator access and located directly adjacent to the event space, the Garden Room Bridal Suite provides for all of the newlywed’s needs. Our design team, led by Keri Knowles, carefully selected bold patterns, rich fabrics, and regal colors that would create a luxe look and feel that every bride deserves on her special day.  

Our Enchanting New Rotunda Bridal Suite
As yet another entirely unique, authentic space at The Manor, our newly revamped Rotunda Bridal Suite now offers our brides a lush, romantic getaway to prepare for their special day. This space has been re-imagined from a public ladies’ lounge to serve as a private suite exclusively for our bride and her bridal party.  Read More >>

Versailles Bridal Suite I - A Touch of Aristocratic Enchantment
The awe-inspiring reinvention of this additional all-new bridal suite successfully elevates The Manor’s already unique environment. From the color palette to the architectural style, to the design choices and lux furnishings, the room provokes a vibrant, fresh and breathtaking feeling. The aesthetic pays significant homage to The Palace of Versailles, Louis XVI design, and the French baroque style.  Read More >>

Versailles Suite II - Combining Classic French Grandeur with Modern Amenities
With ornate designs and luxurious details reminiscent of Versailles, our newest of The Manor’s grand bridal salons offers our bride her own private retreat to feel pampered in extravagance as she prepares for her special day. From a full-length three-way mirror to a an adjoining salon space with three glamour stations that feature large vanity mirrors surrounded by Hollywood lighting, this suite provides for a bride's every need. Read More >>

Our Charming New Regency Bridal Suite
This cozy new bridal suite was recently fully redesigned and redecorated for our Manor brides. Specifically for the use of our bride hosting her wedding reception in The Manor’s Regency Room, the suite offers easy access to the adjacent ballroom.  Read More >>

Following a Long Tradition of Master Craftsmen
The Manor has enjoyed over a half-century history of fostering a holistic approach to its business, to keep as much of what defines us within our own family of operations. A vital part of sustaining that ethic is our tradition of supporting the work of true artisans and incorporating their talents into all that we do.  This may make us a larger business to manage, and a more costly one to operate, but we believe that it also improves the quality and authenticity of the experience we can provide to our guests.  Read More >>

Skilled Craftsmen at Work: Our Decorative Painter
Aliya Riaz, the creative force behind the award-winning decorative art and design firm Portfauxlio, Inc. was tasked with leveraging her talents across a wide range of projects throughout the recent renovations. Whether it was decorative painting, gilding, glazing, applying specialty finishes, or unique plaster work, her contributions helped to successfully revitalize antique pieces, blend new construction with old, and further enhance the grand aesthetic of The Manor while maintaining its authentic charm and hand-crafted appeal.  Read More >>

Skilled Craftsmen at Work: Our In-House Upholsterer
For decades at The Manor, one man has been responsible for a very specific element of the venue’s décor. Gerd Dagne, an upholsterer trained in the art of design with fabrics, has sewn, assembled, installed, and maintained practically every piece of ornate drapery hung at The Manor and its sister properties for more than 30 years. His talents in this cut & sew craft have stood the test of time, while many others in the profession have not. In an age where labor-intensive craftsmanship has become too costly and attention to hand-made detail is less appreciated, only those with a reputation for quality and skill have flourished.  Read More >>

Skilled Craftsmen at Work: Our In-House Upholsterer
More like family by now than employee, Patricio Guzman has been keeping The Manor’s appurtenances well-covered in fine fabrics for decades. If you’ve ever sat in a chair at The Manor, then you’ve experienced his handiwork. Whether in The Dome or the dining room, a banquet chair or a baroque settee, Mr. Guzman has upholstered it.  Read More >>

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The Manor has undertaken an extensive multi-year, multi-phase revitalization project.

Continuing to build upon our success, this multi-million dollar endeavor has included an array of upgrades, renovations, and changes to the physical structure of the building.

Many of these improvements are already in place, while others are soon to be ready for our guests' enjoyment.

Our All-New Garden Room is Now Open for Wedding Receptions, Social Banquets, Corporate Events, and Other Private Parties.

This Unique Two-Room Event & Celebration Space Includes a Ballroom that can Accommodate up to 80 Guests.

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